The deception of a great idea is that it seems so simple a child could do it.

Beany and Cecil first appeared on TV as an Emmy-winning syndicated puppet show from L.A. in the 1950s titled Time For Beany, with Daws Butler and Stan Frieberg providing the voices. It maintained its basic format when it first appeared in cartoon form on January 6, 1962 as part of Matty's Funday Funnies. It became its own series a few months later, before shifting to Saturday mornings in 1963.

The principals were the ever-smiling Beany, who wore his namesake cap; his uncle Huffenpuff, who was captain of their boat the Leakin' Lena; Beany's pet Cecil, who was a seasick serpent; and Dishonest John, who was their conniving nemesis.

Beany and Cecil, the animated cartoon, contributed to the popularity of beany caps, making them a perennial favourite with kids.
Advertising is not child’s play. And not everyone who hangs out a shingle can do it.

It is a discipline that takes years of training and experience, an acute awareness of trends and consumer behaviour, and a willingness to share the risks and rewards of the process with your clients.

We may be fun, but we’re also grown-ups.